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How to prevent and cure premature ejaculation 😊🍆

It’s one of the most common problems holding men back in the bedroom.

For a lot of guys, premature ejactualtion can be the thing stopping them from getting into bed. It’s the thing that can also make you feel like a flop instead of like a hero. But it doesn't have to. Amongst the piles of pills, creams and sprays designed to prevent and manage PE, there are some solutions that actually work. Find out here how to prevent and cure premature ejaculation.

PE prevention 😊🍆

Let’s talk prevention. You service your car, you maintain your body at the gym, you clean your pool before it’s turned neon green, so why not service your 🍆? You may be pretty happy with your personal best now, but investing in your sex life will have guaranteed returns. So, here’s what’s on offer to prevent premature ejaculation.

Pelvic floor exercises

How it works: Your pelvic floor muscles help support and control your penis, and if they’re engaged they can help you control when you climax. Many men have a weak pelvic floor which can get weaker with age. It can also increase the likelihood of PE.

Pros: Pelvic floor exercises can help with the onset of PE. You can do the exercises sitting in traffic, or while you’re gazing into your lover’s eyes over a candle lit dinner.

Cons: Pelvic floor exercises have benefits for everyone, both men and women. They can help with bladder and bowel control and improve sexual function. But that doesn't necessarily mean they’re the answer to your PE. The root cause of your PE could be psychological, in which case pelvic floor exercises won’t help.

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Switch it up

How it works: Maybe you’ve fallen into a rut, or you’re getting anxious about pleasing your partner so lasting as long as you’d like to is proving a little difficult. Staying in control of your climax could be as simple as trying switching up your sex positions.

Pros: Exploring new positions and kinks is generally great for your sex life; it will create something new and fun both you and your partner can enjoy.

Cons: While this could help some in the short term, it’s not a ticket to a PE free life.


How it works: Doubling up on condoms has been an old man’s tale for as long as we can remember. It’s said to help reduce the sensitive feeling that causes you to climax quickly.

Pros: Condoms are fairly discreet in an intimate situation and they’re cheap and cheerful.

Cons: It’s debatable whether this actually works and it’s also not a permanent solution.

Prolong Control Training

How it works: If you’re already masturbating regularly, why not add some tech to the equation? Technology gives us a helping hand in most areas of our life, and now it can help you have an advantage in the bedroom. Prolong is a small, discrete device that works to fine-tune that oversensitive trigger zone under the head of your penis. Coupled with a control training program, it’s the only FDA cleared climax control product that actually works to control when you come.

Pros: Pretty much everyone masturbates. Adding Prolong to your masturbating routine is a non-invasive way to improve your staying power, resulting in a 😊🍆.

Cons: There aren't any. Literally, Prolong has been clinically proven to have zero side effects and is the only program proven to show results, that last long-term.

PE treatments and cures

Call it PE or not, what we’re really talking about is having control over when you climax. Finding or improving this control is easier than you may think. You’ve heard of the creams, pills and sprays but there are other options with guaranteed results. Here’s a breakdown of what works and doesn’t work to treat and cure premature ejaculation.

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Numbing spray

How it works: Most sprays are applied to the head of the penis about 15 minutes before intercourse. Some will need to be washed off before intercourse, and some are left on. They work by desensitising the nerve endings of your penis to keep you from climaxing fast.

Pros: Sprays are a quick solution meaning you can start using them as soon as you open the package.

Cons: When using sprays or creams, you’ll most likely have to use a condom to stop the product transferring to your partner. A condom won’t always stop the transfer, so there is a risk your partner will experience the same desensitising results. Sprays are also a band aid solution. They are designed to treat the symptoms of PE, but not the underlying problem. Meaning you’re signing up to a lifelong subscription of sprays.

Numbing cream

How it works: Creams work in the same way as sprays, numbing the penis so you feel less stimulation during sex, so you’ll last longer. Creams are applied before sex and can also require a condom to stop transfer to your partner.

Pros: Just like sprays, creams are a quick fix that can provide immediate results.

Cons: Numbing creams come with the same list of problems as sprays. Expensive, messy, awkward, expensive and most importantly not a long term solution.


How it works: The beauty of Prolong is that it can work as a preventative method and as treatment. The hand-held device and six-week training program work together to curb the sensitivity in your 🍆 just enough so you can control your time to climax.

Pros: The program is easy to follow, delivers results and can be done from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Most importantly the results are permanent, so say hello to 😊🍆.

Cons: The initial cost of Prolong may seem expensive to some. It is more expensive than most creams, sprays or pills, but unlike other products, Prolong is a lasting solution, after just one purchase and six weeks of training.

The answer to controlling your climax is actually at your fingertips. If you're looking for a permanent solution to premature ejaculation, or simply want to last a bit longer (who doesn't?), find out more about Prolong and our six week training program here.


Prolong  Climax Control Training Program

Good news America, you can now get your hands on the world’s only climax control training program proven to help men last longer, for longer. Powered by a 3-volt motor and years of scientific research, Prolong works by fine tuning your penis’ over-sensitive trigger zone (just enough to tame your timing). Clinical results show a rise in average duration from three to almost nine minutes¹, all without the need for pills, sprays or expensive therapy. 

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